Al Ahram Consumer Complexes eyes $16m-sales in six months

Egypt-based Al Ahram for Consumer Complexes company targets attaining sales of 300 million Egyptian pounds (US$16.4 million) since the beginning of financial year 2016-17 until the end of December 2016.

Speaking to Amwal Al Ghad Sunday, Managing Director Sami Ali stated that the company witnessed a 10 percent increase in sales volume within the last period higher than the target.

Al Ahram for Consumer Complexes plans to finish upgrading existent branches that need to be upgraded, the official noted, adding that the company has developed 98 complexes within the last period.

On the other hand, Ali clarified that Al Ahram for Consumer Complexes pumps around 80,000 tonnes of sugar daily -to be sold at the price of 7 pounds per kilo-, in addition to 50 tonnes of rice.