Egypt, UAE discuss ways of cooperation to enhance ICT sector

Egyptian ICT minister, Yasser ElKady, has met the UAE Minister of State for International Cooperation Reem Ebrahim Al-Hashimi to discuss the bilateral relations between Egypt and the UAE. The two parties explored means of enhancing cooperation in various fields to achieve the common interests of the two countries.

The ICT Minister referred to the contribution of the ICT sector in Egypt’s 2030 strategy for sustainable development where it plays a key role in various pillars, referring to the role of the ICT sector in the transition to a digital society and the achievement of economic and social development, especially in light of the sector’s contribution to Egypt’s national income by 3.2%.

In the framework of his visit to the United Arab Emirates, Telecom Review has honored Egypt’s ICT minister, Yasser El-Kady, and presented him with the 2016 Distinguished Leadership Award for nonprofit organizations.  El-Kady has 35-year experience in the private and public work, during which he developed strategies and operational plans for the technological transformation in Egypt and the Middle East and Africa. In addition, he supervised the implementation of several development initiatives, the most important of which was the development of the communication infrastructure, human resources in the ICT field, and technological services exports.

The ICT Minister has also met with the Director General of Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program Mohammed Gheyath, where they discussed the development of educational and cultural activities via integrating the information and communication technology in all aspects of the educational process.

During the meeting, ElKady discussed the methods through which ICTs can contribute in the different levels of the educational process development, including enhancing students’ achievement, and creating active generations in the communities, able to create and innovate to serve their nations and meet the current and future science and knowledge challenges.

The ICT Minister stated that there will be a framework that aims to disseminate smart learning culture among the younger generations to create a knowledge society and transform the educational process to become more interactive, in cooperation with the state concerned authorities and the small and medium local enterprises operating in the field of educational content, digitization and publishing.

In the same context, ElKady has visited Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU), and met with HBMSU President Mansoor Al Awar, where they discussed the future cooperation frameworks to create a smart and electronic learning system that fits the Arab world, including means of academic accreditation for e-learning programs and quality management systems in providing the educational process, and developing digital content.

During the visit, the ICT Minister reviewed the presidential initiative that will build human calibers in information technology and advanced sciences, and the Ministry’s plan for the dissemination of technological innovation and entrepreneurship centers to build a base of competitive and technological competencies in the various governorates of Egypt.

They agreed to form a working group of specialists in the field of technological innovation and the development of industry and e-learning to develop a framework of cooperation, operational plans and performance indicators to be documented within one month and implemented within two months. It aims to build a sustainable business model for integrated learning to be exported to the Arab world.