Al-Robeky city infrastructure works will be finished next month

The ministry of industry and trade seeks to finish the utilisation works of the second phase of Al-Robeky city for leather tanneries within next month according to Tarik Kabil.

the second phase of Al-Robeky city for leather tanneries spans over 135,000 metres square.

The Ministry also seeks to operate 70 new factories in Al-Robeky city by the end of the current year, the minister added.

Kabil said that the city has now 40 operating factories that cover all activities of leather tannery, which operates 50 percent of the total space of the first phase situated over 173 metres square.

The city aims at bringing all leather tanneries, currently in Magra El-Oyoun, in one place to become an integrated city for leather. The state will bear the cost of transferring tanneries.

In 2014, former interim President Adly Mansour approved the allocation of 389.6 acres in eastern Cairo for the benefit of the Ministry of Industry for an industrial zone for leather tanneries.

Then in 2015, the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) allotted LE 330 million of its annual budget for the Al-Robeky project.