Amer Group To Establish Porto Agadir At US$ 500 Mln Cost

Dr. Mohamed Saad Zalam, the Head of Egyptian-Moroccan trade Chamber, has revealed that  Amer Group (AMER.CA) is intending to establish Porto Agadir with $ 500 million investments within the coming period.

Dr. Zalam has pointed to Amwal Al Ghad, that Mansour Amer, the CEO of Amer Group has elaborated the Chamber about his participation in the Egyptian Mission which scheduled to be sent next early July, headed by Dr. Hesham Kandil, Egypt’s Prime Minister.

Dr. Zalam has emphasized that this tourist village which scheduled to be established is 100% Egyptian investments, noting that Amer Group find an agreement with the Moroccan government for implementing the project in participation with Moroccan investor, seeking to enable the Egyptian businessman to invade the Moroccan tourism sector.