Arab Contractors of Egypt Eyes Major Projects in KSA worth Over SAR1 bln

Egypt-based Arab Contractors Company is competing to win a bidding for infrastructure projects and tunnels in Saudi Arabia, according to Chairman Mohsen Salah El Din.

The Egyptian company is targeting more expansions in the south and the east of the KSA, he noted on Tuesday.

According to the Egyptian official, AC’s total turnovers in the KSA exceeded one billion Saudi riyals.

AC is currently carrying out the King Khalid Airport project in Riyadh, with a total cost of 113 million Saudi riyals, he noted. In addition, AC is working on the King Fahd Street project, with a total cost of 82 million Saudi riyals.

Moreover, Salah El Din referred to AC’s other projects, one in the north of Saudi Arabia with a total cost of 91 million riyals and another one designed for sanitation network in the southern area.

For the ongoing biddings, AC chairman said his firm is seeking to carry out a number of land bridges and tunnels in south of KSA, with total costs exceeding around one billion riyals. AC is also competing to win a bidding to establish a power station in Saudi Arabia.

For regional expansions, Salah El Din pointed out that AC is seeking to make its strong presence in Bahrain within the upcoming phase to take part in a number of infrastructure projects. AC is planning to have its new branch in the Arab world to be in Bahrain within the current year.

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