Aswan wins the Arab Towns Organization’s membership

Amwal Al Ghad:

Mostafa El Sayed, governor of Aswan, announced Aswan’s win of the Arab Towns Organization’s membership among three other Africa-located countries that were selected to join the organization

; “Cape Town” South Africa, and “Nairobi” Kenya, and “Aswan”.

The Organization -located in South Korea- is characterized by its excellent urban designs.

Mr. Mostafa El Sayed –Governor of Aswan- stated that the winning countries would be honored by Aswan in an international conference held in Istanbul, Turkey, attended by representatives of 18 member states of the organization, where each winning state would present their new environmental projects.

In a related context, Mr. Mostafa asked local officials to rapidly remove the Parliament and Shoura election’s banners and posters, distorting Aswan’s appearance which contradicts with its latest winning.

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