Banque Du Caire offers 3.4 billion micro finance to 184K customers

Banque Du Caire announced that it offered about 3.4 billion Egypyian pounds to more than 184, 000 customers owning micro-enterprises, according to Tarek Fayed Chief Executive Officer at Banque Du Caire.

He added that this is part of the bank’s efforts in boosting the national production and improving the Egyptian economy.

The bank has a market share of 30 percent in regard to Micro finance.

Fayed confirmed that the bank supports infrastructure, developmental and social projects through contributing to micro finance loans offered to the most important investment projects in Egypt which support the national economy.

Founded in 1952, Banque du Caire since its inception 62 years ago has been an avid contributor to the Egyptian economy, as one of Egypt’s top banks BDC has played an instrumental role in effectively and efficiently supporting the national economy across all sectors.

Within the retail sector, Banque du Caire offers various innovative and competitive products and services. While on the Corporate front, the bank plays an effective role in financing the vital sectors of the national economy through participating in the syndicated loans serving different sectors, besides its vital role in financing the SMEs and Microfinance projects which are considered one of the main factors that caused economic leaps in various countries.