Barclays-Egypt’s Personal Loans Hit EGP1.9bn in September

The total value of personal loans at Barclays Bank-Egypt reached nearly EGP1.9 billion at the end of September against EGP1.79 billion at June-2013.

The financial statements of the bank revealed that the debt current accounts declined to EGP181.9 million at last September in compared to EGP257.77 million at June-2013.

The other Loans’ item registered the largest rate of portfolio with EGP1.27 billion at last September, the bank’s total facilities and loans recorded EGP5.52 billion from EGP5.55 billion at December 2013, retreating by 0.5% (EGP29.3 million).

The bank’s strategy will focus on attaining high growth rates and to roll out more banking products so as to meet with the clients’ needs.

Furthermore, Barclays endorsed profits worth EGP373.7 million at last September in compared to EGP324.6 million within the same period of the last year, move up by 15%  (EGP49.2 million) growth rates according to the bank’s financial statements in addition to the bank is aiming to increase it to EGP500 million.