Samsung Launches Campaign to Support Arabic language

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., has launched a campaign to raise awareness of the beauty of the Arabic language and the ways in which technology can enable rather than hinder written Arabic communication.

Biqalam Arabi – literally translated as By an Arabic Pen – is a campaign that calls attention to the inherent beauty of the Arabic language. The increasing use of technology and online content has been viewed as an inhibitor for written Arabic, with many utilizing the phonetic form commonly referred to as Arabizi to communicate in the digital age. Samsung technology is committed to playing an active role in helping to facilitate the Arabic written word, whether for business, pleasure or education.

Seung-Ho Yun, Managing Director of Samsung Electronics Egypt said when we launched Campaign by Arabic for the first time, it was our main objective to raise awareness and prevent the Arabic language contraction in this digital age,  However gathering 22 countries and unite the hundreds of millions of Arabic speakers through one feature, we focus on the user at the heart of this campaign, which allowed them to express their passion for the Arabic language.

The Samsung Note Series that includes (GALAXY Note 3, GALAXY Note PRO and GALAXY Note 10.1) delivers an Arabic handwriting recognition feature, with the S-Pen, which easily transcribes the written Arabic word to the user’s device.

This unique Direct Input feature allows users to easily enter text via any Note application without having to install additional software or configure settings. To encourage consumers to express and share their thoughts on the Arabic language and celebrate its beauty through poignant quotes or phrases, a dedicated website ( has been created for the BiqalamArabi campaign. Those utilizing the Twitter hashtag #BiqalamArabi will also have their comments streamed on the site.