Blom Bank Egypt’s Personal Loans Inched to EGP931mln at March-End

Blom Bank Egypt’s personal loans registered around EGP931.636million at March-end in compared to EGP864.365million at the end of 2013, move up by EGP67.271million.

The personal loans seized the lion’s proportion from the portfolio’s size with 94.9% to register EGP884.358million at the end of last March against EGP864.365million at 2013-end , according to the bank’s financial statements.

The bank’s credit cards hit around EGP25.041million at the end of the first quarter of 2014, in compared to EGP22.870million in 2013.

The bank’s real estate loans reached up EGP11.931million at March2014 compared to EGP12.521million at 2013-end.

Blom bank achieved EGP701.754million net profits at March-2014, against EGP36.002million at March 2013-end, registering EGP34.75million.