Construction, building sector plays a vital role in crisis mitigation- Ambassador El-Badry

Ambassador Mohamed El-Badry, Assistant of Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, talked at Builders of Egypt Forum on Sunday about the importance of the construction and building sector in the mitigation of economic crisis.

El-Badry made his statements during the Egypt’s Competitiveness in Light of Global Volatility … How to spur Construction Exportation Overseas panel session.

He also talked about the important role Egyptian embassies play in African countries calling them “eyes” that can see the different needs of the countries.

The Egyptian official further emphasised the importance of the governments’ support for investments in the construction and building fields, since they are the most important fields for economic development.

He talked about Egypt’s role in the construction of the Julius Nyerere Hydropower Plant and Dam in Tanzania, the largest edifice built by Egyptian hands outside the country, highlighting the dam’s role in economic development in Africa.


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