Death toll from Nigeria mysterious diseases rises to 17

Death toll from the outbreak of a mysterious disease in Nigeria’s southwestern Ondo State has risen to 17 from 14 reported earlier, the state’s Health Commissioner said Saturday.

“The number of deaths so far stands at 17,” Dayo Adeyanju said of the disease that appeared in Irele town of Ondo State.

He added that most victims died within the first 24 hours after the emergence of disease symptoms, noting that these symptoms included headache, blurred vision, loss of sight and loss of consciousness before death.

“It has not yet been established that this is an infectious disease,” Adeyanju said. “But it is not a viral disease at all,” he added.

He noted that some blood samples had been taken from the victims for analysis, failing to name the disease.

Ondo State has, meanwhile, set up a situation room to respond to the outbreak of the disease.

Adeyanju said the situation room would coordinate with emergency response task teams now working on the frontline.

“These and other measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of our dear people in Irele,” Adeyanju said. “Let us continue to exercise calm and caution and eschew fear-mongering as there is manifest evidence that the situation is being contained,” he added.

Source: worldbulletin