EFSA Initially Approves New Company By “Gras Savoye”

Gras Savoye Company, insurance broker, got an initial approval from Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority, as this for constructing a double mission company; customer’s insurance investments, and administrative services for insurance companies.

The company’s managing director Hamed Mabrouk said that the company has been constructed due to the Egyptian market needs it during this time for working on increasing the people’s insurance culture and awareness.

He explained that the broker’s role is to provide customers with consultations, and companies with services.

He referred to another company of Gras Savoye, which works in re-insurance brokerage after Vremier Company.

Depending on the company’s wish of expanding the re-insurance in North Africa and Middle East, this company was constructed as the only one in re-insurance brokerage field in Middle East.

Gras Savoye Egypt for insurance brokerage achieved premiums for insurance companies with EGP 160million in 2011; with growth rate reached 25%.

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