EFSA: Insurance Firms’ Underwritten Premiums Hit EGP382.5mn in Dec

The Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) revealed that insurance companies attained EGP382.5 underwriting premiums for property and life insurances against EGP291.4 million premiums which achieved in November 2013, registering 31.3% growth rate.

The numbers of insurance property policies represent 73.9% from the total numbers of policies of December 2013, while the properties premiums are 71.1% from the total collective premiums according to the monthly report of EFSA.

Properties insurance companies captured around 280574 policies in last December with EGP271.8 million premiums size compared to 252319 policies with EGP188 million premiums in last November.

Personal Insurances policies and contracts registered in last December 99050 with EGP110.6 million premiums against 115946 policies and EGP103.4 million collective premiums of November.

compulsory auto insurance branch seized 77% of the issued policies within December 2013, while the Supplementary motor branch captured 9.7%.