EGX earns L.E441m on Tuesday’s Closing Trading Session

EGX has managed to transform the morning losses into earning by the ending of the trading session of Tuesday. The market capital of the listed stock has earned L.E441 million to reach L.E380.113 billion. EGX30 has recorded a rise of 0.12% to close at 5224p. EGX20 has also witnessed an increase of 0.51% to close at 6169p. In addition, EGX70 has witnessed a boom of 0.29% to close at 509p; the EGX100 has witnessed a raise of 0.21% to close at 854p.

The market has recorded turnovers valued at L.E611.763 million through a volume of trading amounted to 180.340 million shares for the 37.595 thousand transactions.

186 listed securities have been traded in, 89 of them rose and 83 downed, while 14 remained flat.

Arab and foreign investors were responsible for the purchasing activity as their net purchases valued at L.E35.446 million and L.E12.411 million respectively.

Egyptian investors have made up selling activity as their net sales valued at L.E47 million.

Amwal Al Ghad