Egypt announces production of Queen Cleopatra VII documentary

Egyptian newly-launched documentary channel AlWathaeqya has announced on Sunday the production of a Queen Cleopatra VII documentary.

The documentary will be based on studies from various specialists in history, anthropology, and archaeology to create a subjective image of Cleopatra.

The ancient queen went viral in recent weeks amid the release of a trailer for a new Netflix production claiming Cleopatra was black.

The claims made in the documentary sparked backlash in both Egypt and Greece, as well as across the world. Moreover, many believe that Jada Pinkett Smith’s new production is promoting “false afrocentric ideas”

Various experts, including Egyptologist and former Minister of Antiquities, confirmed to international media with proofs that Queen Cleopatra was Greek.

AlWathaeqya is under the authority of Egypt’s leading media production company United Media Services, which is one of the largest media and production group in the MENA region.

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