Egypt’s total assets exceed EGP3 trillion in August

The Central Bank of Egypt’s (CBE) total assets have recorded 3.037 trillion Egyptian pounds ($125.7 billion) at the end of August from 2.986 trillion pounds at the end of June, its financial statements revealed on Sunday.

CBE’s total contributions to the capital of international financial institutions amounted about 15.895 billion pounds, as it adds about 27.479 billion pounds to contribute capital of subsidiaries companies by the end of August.

The capital of the CBE scored about 21.600 billion pounds, while total reserves amounted to about 230.053 billion pounds by the end of August, the statements added.

While, the total gold balances amounted about 132.513 billion pounds, and fund’s total cash was about 8.756 billion pounds at the end of August.

The central bank’s total balances were 170.470 billion pounds, while the International Monetary Fund (IMF) recorded 7.600 billion pounds.

The total accrued balances from central banks in local currency amounted to about 1.148 trillion pounds, while balances owed to IMF amounted about 70.656 billion pounds.

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