Egypt, Chinese firm sign 2 protocols to supply 5mn smart water meters

Egypt signed Tuesday two cooperation protocols with a specialist Chinese company that mainly include smart management of the new administrative capital and supplying 5 million smart water meters.

The two protocols were signed by Mostafa Madbouli Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development.

The Chinese company is prominent in the technologies and the techniques of smart cities in China.  Thus, it designs traffic and security systems and e-governments in those cities and it had already implemented smart systems in about 200 Chinese cities.

An agreement was concluded with the Chinese company to help manage the new administrative capital and develop a control system for it, said Khaled Abbas, assistant to Egypt’s housing minister.

The Chinese firm will conduct a feasibility study in cooperation with the Holding Company for Water and Sanitation, said Mamdouh Raslan, the CEO, in order to select the operating systems of the smart water meters to be supplied, within 6 months after signing the protocol.

Moreover, he said that this is the first time for smart meters to be included into water firms’ systems; however, a future plan is set to manufacture them locally.