Real estate investment rates in Egypt to progress ‘normally’ in 12 months-YouGov

Over 50 per cent of investors and 69 per cent of real estate professionals surveyed in a recent analysis by YouGov, an internet-based market research firm, expressed confidence in the burgeoning Egyptian real estate market over the next 12 months, YouGov Managing Director, Yasser Omar said Wednesday.

Omar made those during his speech at Cityscape Egypt -day II, taking place in Cairo at Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski under the rubric of ‘ The Future of Development: Urbanisation, Regeneration and Partnership’, stressing that this analysis reflect the continuity of the firm’s projects to provide more housing units.

During his presentation, he added that the analysis has including surveying 1700 individuals of whom 1200 are customers and real estate developers.

According to YouGov’s analysis, Egypt’s residential sector topped the list as the most preferred asset class with 60 per cent of investors electing to invest in the sector. It was followed by retail and (9%) and hospitality (9%). However, there are no available housing units that match the citizen’s financial capabilities in the market.

Cityscape Egypt 2016 is set to discuss the main feature of the Egyptian government’s future scheme and the updates of mega national projects and real estate regulations.