Egypt, EU clinch €9 bln deal to support institutional framework

Egypt’s Ministry of Local Development and the European Union signed a deal to provide 9 billion to finance programmes aiming to develop the institutional framework of local governing, according to Egypt Today on Thursday.

In a Thursday statement, Minister of Local Development Mahmoud Shaarawy announced that the agreement seeks to support the efficiency and excellence of local units and their ability to perform their tasks, in accordance with the rules of decentralization to enable them to respond effectively to the needs of the population and achieve sustainable development goals in various governorates of Egypt.

According to the agreement, the European Union will fund four programs that aim to improve women leaders’ skills through establishing a central unit to empower women in the ministry, in addition to regional units tasked with following up on women empowerment initiatives across governorates.

The programs also seek to implement a reform plan in the information centers and decision-making systems in governorates.

They aim to support the centers to be main empowering tool for decentralized process. It also aims to raise governors’ and local leaders’ awareness about the local development plans, and help implement them efficiently and effectively.

The institutional development of financial capabilities of the local development fund is part of the goals of the EU-funded programs. They are concerned with developing a training program affiliated with the ministry, and boost collaboration with regional countries in local governing aspects.

In the statement, the Minister of Local Development stressed the importance of supporting and developing the institutional framework, restructuring local units and creating an integrated system that conforms to the requirements of decentralization and raising the efficiency of local systems.