Egypt hosts annual conference of HLB Middle East, Africa

The annual Middle East and Africa conference of the global network HLB, scheduled to take place in Cairo from 11th to 14th of November, under the slogan Slogan “Big enough to compete, small enough to care”.

The conference this year has over 18 countries participating from the Middle East and Africa region to the executive office of the network in Britain and America. In addition to Egypt, the conference’s host country.

The conference aims to enhance the integration of African countries by strengthening the relations and the cooperation among the members of African countries and HLB to better communicate, integrate, and exchange international experiences to increase the presence on the local and regional level.

In addition to raising awareness on the accounting, advisory services, and emphasize the strong relations among African countries on both levels, governmental and business communities.

The hosting of the HLB Group Egypt in Cairo this year is in line with the efforts of the Egyptian State for cooperation and integration with African countries.

Which culminated the Egyptian presidency of the African Union for 2019, and the efforts exerted in signing and activating trade agreements with African countries, the ambitious steps of the Industry and Trade Ministry on the African level to implement the 2030 Egyptian strategy and Egypt hosting Africa 2018 Forum.

The Africa 2018 Forum will be held from 7 to 9 of December, in the presence of a number of heads of state, government and ministers from various African countries to stimulate investment in the African continent within the framework of the joint cooperation of African countries in implementing the 2063’s vision.

The conference’s agenda is carefully prepared and planned to meet the conference’s objectives.

A group of distinguished speakers representing Egyptian government and Ministries of Planning, Industry, Trade, and the private sector institutions; chambers of commerce, industry, and professional community with the aim of negotiating “Integrating Africa” from different perspectives, and preparing dedicated meetings for HLB meetings to plan and consolidate business.

The conference is held with mixed feelings of gratitude, pride and sorrow over the loss of Dr. Samir Makari, who passed away in mid-last month.

Makari is the founder and president of HLB Egypt-Makary Consulting Company, which was founded in 1999, laying the cornerstone of a strong and transparent system based on a set of principles.

The philosophy he has established in creating his team for more than 20 years so that they can complete the march to the future with a fixed foot and a clear vision, under the slogan of “Big enough to compete, small enough to care.”

It was the push that contributed to the team continuing to prepare for the conference in spite of the sadness of his loss, to achieve an exceptional outcome that is the conference as a mirror to his devotion in his work and the honor to his spirit.

The global network, founded in 1969, ranks 12th in the world according to the International Accounting Bulletin IAB (2017 Global Survey) and includes a group of specialised firms around the world in accounting and consulting expertise.

Represented by HLB Group Egypt, which consists of HLB Egypt – Makary for specialized consultancy expertise in financial, market, and economic consultancy, and HLB Egypt – Amjad Fathi Kamel and Safwat Obaid and Co. specialided in accounting and auditing.