Egypt Not Satisfied with Mobile Operators’ Statements on ‘Integrated License’

Egyptian Telecom Minister, Atef Helmy said he does not satisfy with the three mobile phones’ operators statements regarding some outstanding differences between them and the Telecom Egypt (ETAL-CA)(TE) concerning the integrated operator license and restoring to international arbitration.

Helmy added that dealing with the three mobile operators will be transparency, stressing that it was taking into account the power balance in the market and lack of preference for any of the 3 operators and TE.

Vodafone Global explained that it has to take measures for offering equitable integrated license and avoid the monopoly of Telecom Egypt for fixed and mobile services.

Vodafone emphasized that the current shape of license will permit for TE to depend on infrastructure network for mobile operators without launching its private network.

National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (NTRA) approved to grant TE and mobile operators integrated operator license and to review it on the economic committee for ratification without addressing Telecom Egypt’s stake in Vodafone.