Egypt Office Organizes Trip To Sinai For Ukrainian Media Figures

The Egypt tourism Office in Moscow, led by Nahed Nazmy, will organize an introductory tour for some important figures of Ukrainian media to visit Sharm Al Sheikh, Saint Katherine and Ras Muhammad National Park.

Nahed Nazmy elaborated that this trip comes in the framework of working towards increasing the Ukrainian tourism to Egypt as these trip will be during the period from 3 to 11 April.

She added that the Ukrainian market is one of the important markets which witnesses stability of increase in the number of inbound tourists. Ukraine was ranked 5th in the list of the ten tourism markets to Egypt during February 2013.

The number of Ukrainian tourists visited Egypt in February amounted to 25.619 ones rose by 14.6% from a year before, and the number of the touristic nights reached 254.452 ones, 97.3% up.

These statements released on the sidelines of Ukraine International Travel and Tourism (UITT) Expo, which held in Kiev from 27 to 29 March, as Egypt took part in the exhibition under the supervision of Egypt Tourism Office in Russia.