Egypt Plans to Launch 2 Plants in Damietta worth EGP8bn: Minister

Deputy Chairman of General Authority for Supply Commodities (GASC), Mamdouh Abdel Fattah revealed that the ministry of is aiming to launch two oil factories and the other for producing fructose in Damietta with EGP8 billion.

In statements to Amwal Al Ghad, Abdel Fattah added that the feasibility studies have done especially in the two factories, noting it is schedule to establish the factories on an area of 70 feddan in Damietta with 2 million tonnes of production capacity of oils and fructose, Abdel Fattah added.

The first oil factory is based on the idea of extracting oils from soybeans and sunflower will seed for the first time, adding that the second factory will include producing fructose to allocate large part of its production for export, especially to fructose is one of the materials required as a substitute for sugar abroad, Abdel Fattah noted.