Egypt promotes e-learning from the Egyptian University

The e-Learning Competence Centre (ELCC) will participate in the third International Conference on e-Learning (ICEL), organised by the Egyptian e-Learning University (EELU) under the theme “Innovative Learning in the Digital Age”, on April 12-14, in Cairo.

EELU-ICEL 2016 aims to study best international experiences and models in the field of ICT-based innovative teaching and learning, as well as presenting and discussing innovative learning strategies, styles, environments, tools, and contexts. This is in addition to uncovering latest ICT applications for innovative teaching and learning, studying and discussing recent trends in the field of innovative teaching and learning besides producing a decision support workbook for policy makers and educators to engage and adopt innovative teaching and learning strategies.

The conference addresses several points including innovative strategies of education accessibility and provision, simulation-based education, creative electronic and distance assessment and evaluation, innovative learning communities. It also tackles Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as a valid educational strategy, gamification, educational application of Web 3.0, open educational resources, intelligent learning management systems and cross-border/transnational education.

Besides the regular academic sessions, the conference will include workshops, round-table sessions, presentations and exhibitions of related industries by multinational companies.

EELU is a non-profit organization for higher education, providing educational services, training and research programs. It aims is to provide high-quality education and training services to supply labor market with ready industry workers able to deal with advanced technologies, and to create and continuously improve teaching and learning environment.