Facebook enables publishers and celebrities to post branded content

Facebook Inc has recently announced that it has changed the policy of branded content to enable companies, marketers and publishers share content on their pages. The move comes in a bid to allow publishers and creators to generate money by posting articles on the platform.

Branded content means any post, which includes texts or videos that advertise third-party brand. Previously, the social media giant did not allow publishers to share articles on their pages, which appears in user’s news feed and promote them. However, under the new policy, verified pages on the company’s platform can share any branded content.

Interestingly, under the new rule, celebrities and publishers are required to tag marketers who actually pay for the content. This will allow the users to differentiate between normal content and advertisements. In addition, the social media giant has also included a series of measures under the new policy to reduce online advertising on its platform that most users find annoying.

The company wrote on its blog post: “We believe that today’s update will bring more interesting and engaging content into the Facebook ecosystem, but not all branded content is a fit for our platform. People have told us that they find some types of branded content to be less engaging than others, and this was typically when the content was more promotional.”

Meanwhile, the social network giant also plans to ban the promotional content such as persistent watermarks. In addition, Facebook also prohibits the use of brands or products in cover photos and profile picture.

Over the past few months, the social media giant is making its efforts to improve services and position itself as a platform where business users can reach to their clients. Earlier this week, the company launched a suite of tools to allow business users to connect with their clients and market its products. Moreover, the company also signed a partnership agreement with KLM last week to enable passengers to talk to a customer representative, check flight schedules, and even change the flight directly from Messenger app.

This move will benefit the company in many ways. First, it helps the company to differentiate between advertisements and editorial contents. Second, it will allow the social network giant to separate paid and regular posts and arrange them in the News Feed accordingly. In addition, if paid posts failed to perform better than editorial posts, marketers will pay the company to boost those posts in News Feed.

The company announced this week that it has managed to entice 900 million users to join its platform. Also, several tech experts predicted that Facebook will have almost 1 billion in the next two months.

Source: Tech News Today