Egypt resumes meat imports from Brazil after temporary ban

Egypt’s agriculture ministry announced on Saturday the resumption of meat and poultry imports from Brazil days after they were suspended over a Brazilian probe into the export of spoiled meat from the Latin American country.

In an e-mailed statement, the ministry said that imports have been resumed from meatpackers certified by the Brazilian public body for veterinary services, ensuring safety standards and making sure the animals are slaughtered in a way that is compatible with Islamic law.

The ministry added that imports undergo safety inspections at both the country of origin and the importing country.

If the import does not meet safety standards, the shipment is either destroyed or returned to the exporter at the expense of the importing company.

Egyptian agriculture ministry spokesperson Hamed Abdel-Dayem told Ahram Online last week: “We are sure that all meat and poultry imported from Brazil and already in the Egyptian markets are safe because three different state bodies have checked these imports.”

Egypt is among the world’s main importers of meat and poultry from Brazil.

Brazilian authorities have launched an investigation into the alleged sale and export of expired meat by the country’s major meat and poultry suppliers, according to the Associated Press.

Thirty-eight arrest warrants have been issued in the country in connection with the probe, naming several companies including giant meatpackers JBS and BRF. Both companies have denied any wrongdoing.

Last week, China and the EU declared a suspension of all meat imports from Brazil.

Source: Ahram online

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