Egypt signs $16m-export contracts in food, agriculture crops fields

Egyptian commercial services offices in Italy and Algeria concluded signing export contracts worth around US$16 million in fields of food industries and agriculture crops.

Head of Egyptian Commercial Services Office (ECS), Ahmed Antar stated Sunday that the signing of those contracts comes as a result of the great efforts exerted by commercial services offices abroad among the strategy of state’s trade ministry to enhance Egyptian exports to different foreign markets.

Egypt’s commercial services office in Milano succeeded to open up communication channels with largest Italian firms to encourage them to import Egyptian agriculture crops. The negotiations led to reach a cooperation agreement between one of the largest Italian firms and an Egyptian company over importing 21 containers per week within the coming period.

The Italian firm agreed to import different agriculture crops from Egypt including orange, lemon, cantaloupe, pomegranate, Broccoli, cabbage, and tomato with amounts expected to worth €2-2.5 million.

Antar asserted that the commitment of Egypt’s exporters to the specifications determined by the Italian firm as well as shipping and delivery dates is set to raise the access of Egyptian agriculture crops to Italian and European markets.

Meanwhile, Egyptian commercial services office in Algeria concluded export contracts for four Egyptian firms to export 25,000 tonnes of olive with volume estimated at US$13.5 million approximately, Antar clarified.

On the other side, Egypt’s olive exports to Algeria reached US$10 million in January-October 2016 and expected to hit US$25 million by 2017 amid signing export contracts with Algeria, the chairman noted.