Egypt, Sudan power grid link first phase to complete in six months – minister

Egypt aims to complete the first phase of its power link project with Sudan in six months, Egyptian electricity minister Mohamed Shaker said on Tuesday.

The first phase will be with a capacity of 220kv to start from the Toskha 2 transformer substation in Egypt to the Wadi Halfa transformer substation in Sudan, Shaker added.

“The first phase of the project costs around $6.8 million, €560,000, and 376 million Egyptian pounds,” Shaker said at a conference in Cairo.

The interconnection project with Sudan is part of Egypt’s economic development programme which includes plans to diversify its sources of energy.

Egypt is already electrically interconnected with Jordon and Libya. In addition, Egypt signed a memorandum of understanding with Cyprus and Greece to interconnect electrically, which will make Egypt a central hub for electricity linkage between three continents.

The interconnection project with Sudan will be the starting point for more electrical linkage plans between Egypt and other African countries.