Egypt Zakat House to distribute donations via smart cards next year

Egypt Zakat House is planning to launch a mobile application to disseminate awareness on the necessity of paying Zakat, educate people on how it can be distributed and for whom it should be paid.

Safwat El Nahas, the Secretary General of the Egyptian House of Zakat, said that the donations are collected electronically in cooperation with a number of companies which provide e-payment solutions such as Fawry, E-Finance, E-Masari, and others.

The Zakat House is intended as a safe and reliable entity through which Egyptians can distribute charity to deserving recipients.

El Nahas pointed out that 80 percent of donations are collected with the aid of e-payment systems while 20 percent is paid in cash. He further added that House of Zakat managed to distribute 750,000 boxes of the basic food commodity last Ramadan, however, the next year it will provide recipients with pre-paid cards to use them to get whatever they need at supermarkets.