Egyptian EBA to Review Boosting Trade Ties with Poland on Monday

Egyptian Businessmen’s Association(EBA) will hold a meeting on next Monday in order to enhance economic cooperation and stimulate trade and investment between Egypt and Poland with the presence Director of energizing trade and investment Polish embassy in Cairo.

Executive Director Mr. Mohamed Youssef of EBA said the volume of trade between the two countries reached around US$385 million within the last year, as the value of Egyptian exports to Poland up US$109 million, whereas the value of Polish imports to Egypt reached about US$276 million during 2013 move up by 36% in compared to 2012.

The Polish imports raked first with 29%, then Plastic and chemical sectors imports with 25%, while the metal products increased by 19 % , followed by food products increased by 12% , Youssef added.

Furthermore, he asserted that there are several sectors can be cooperated between the Egyptian and Polish firms including food, agricultural, cars, electronic, cosmetics, medical equipments, furniture , construction, accessories , leather products and  tourism industries.