Egyptian-Chinese Trade Volume worth $11 billion – Official

The trade volume between Egypt and China is worth around US$11 billion, CEO of Asia-Egypt Business Association (AEBA) Ashraf Naguib announced on Saturday.

Naguib added that the year of 2015 would witness more investments into Egypt, notably from China in the light of the presence of a number of giant Chinese companies in the country. He pointed out that China’s investments in Egypt would be in power, industry, and technology fields.

The Asia-Egypt Business Association is a nonprofit organization committed to serving the needs of the ASIAN-Egyptian business community in the Egypt and across the ASIAN countries. The Association and its members share a common cause of fostering new business opportunities between key industries and promote free and fair trade between both sides. AEBA extends a helping hand and shares its collective resources, wisdom, and expertise with businesspeople interested in accessing a market which represents well over 4.4 Billion consumers and includes some of the world’s fastest growing economies and youngest democracies.

“There are more than 60.000 Chinese citizens working in Egypt but without having resident permits” he elaborated.

Moreover, the official stressed that Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi revived the Egyptian relations with a number of countries like Russia, China, and others.