Egyptian Embassy In Burundi Gives Reception For Pope Theodore II

The Egyptian embassy in Bujumbura received Pope Theodore II, Patriarch of Alexandria and All Africa, in his first official visit to Burundi.

Mr Attia Abu EL Naga, Egyptian ambassador to Burundi, has given a reception for Pope Theodore II and the accompanied delegation of senior orthodox priests in Egypt, Greece, Uganda and Rwanda. A number of senior governmental officials, diplomats, representatives of civil society and religious leaders in Burundi of Muslims and Christians participated in the reception.

The ambassador has delivered a speech to welcome Pope Theodore II, focusing on the noble values that religions call for. He lauded the charity and the noble messages are being sent by the pope for the poor in many African countries.

For his part, Pope Theodore II showed his happiness over his visit to Burundi and meeting his Egyptian citizens in Bujumbura, stressing on his proud of being Egyptian, and the state that Egypt has.