Egyptian Exchange Briefing 16/02/2023

The Egyptian Exchange Market (EGX) witnessed a decline on Thursday in its main index EGX 30 with a percentage of -0.19 percent, to close at 17488.87, when it opened with 17522.56.

The lowest value recorded today was its closing price, and the highest value recorded was 17724.83.

EGX 50 EWI, however, recorded an increase of 0.08 percent to reach a value of 2964.06 by the closing time. The index opened at 2961.78, reaching a highest value of 2986.70, and a lowest value of 2960.04.

The EGX 70 EWI index witnessed the most notable fall of -0.44 percent reaching a final value of 2990.83, when it opened with 3003.9. It recorded a highest value of 3021.34 and a lowest value of 2988.40.

The EGX market capitalisation has closed at around 1.1 trillion Egyptian pounds ($36 billion).

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