Egyptian Exchange Briefing 26/02/2023

The Egyptian Exchange witnessed a remarkable incline in its main indices on Sunday. The main index, EGX 30, witnessed an incline of 1.23 percent to close at 17213.01. The opening value at morning trade was 17003.9, and the highest recorded value was 17295.35. The lowest recorded value was 16992.99.

EGX 70 EWI witnessed an incline as well of 1.60 percent closing at 3019.49. The highest recorded value 3027.91, and the lowest recorded value was its opening value of 2971.88.

EGX 50 EWI as well inclined by a percentage of 1.48 percent to 2929.99. Like EGX 70 EWI the lowest value recorded was its opening value of 2887.23. The index recorded a highest value of 2936.69.

EGX 100 EWI leaped by a percentage of 1.43 percent to 4500.3. The opening and lowest values were 4436.86 and the day high value was 4510.87.

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