Egyptian exports of glass worth 338 million dollars

Egyptian international trade point at the Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade succeeded in providing export opportunities to Brazil during last January, as Egypt exported different types and sizes of mirrors and cars glass, what made the Egyptian exports of glass products to reach 338 million dollars during the period from January till October 2011.

This achievement occurred as a part of The Ministry’s effort to push the Egyptian production wheel, and support the Egyptian companies to export their products to the foreign markets, aiming at getting Egyptian economy out of its current crisis.

Dr Foad Eessa – Section president of The Egyptian international trade point – said that the point helped one of the Egyptian companies to export glass to Turkey in May 2011, and there are steps to promote Egyptian products on many websites to support the Egyptian economy and getting Egyptian products out to foreign markets.

He also added that Egyptian exports of glass and its products reached 338 $ million during the period from January to October 2011, some of Egyptian exports went to Brazil with a value of $ 6 million, Then he mentioned that China is the number one importer of Egyptian glass, followed in order by the UAE with imports that worth $ 49 million and Syria came third with a value of $ 29 million, then Morocco came forth with $ 17 million.


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