Egyptian Space Agency to begin training of engineering and media graduates

Engineering and media graduates started applying their applications for the practical training programme at the Egyptian Space Agency (EGSA), which aims to build practical capabilities by joining real space projects, EGSA announced on Sunday.

The deadline to submit applications in 6 of June, according EGSA statement on Facebook.

The training will begin on 15 of July and the duration is three months, EGSA added.

In addition, the programme will provide the chance for the trainees to perform the SPNEX project that aims to build a satellite in order to measure plasma in the ionosphere, EGSA stated. Also, the participants will join an international project ClimCam, its purpose to maintain a pace camera to add on the International Space Station.

The trainees will receive a certificate from the EGSA stating the projects that they contributed to, mentioning their performance level, EGSA concluded.

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