Egyptian Tourism To Slovenia Increases In 2015: Miškova

Around 300 visas for Slovenia are issued to Egyptians each year, according to the Slovenian Ambassador to Egypt Tanja Miškova. But this year, they have exceeded 400 visas. Miškova explained this increase of around 100 visas is mainly thanks to tourism.

Concerning Slovenian tourism in Egypt, most of Slovenians prefer to visit Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh. Miškova said due to security reasons, Slovenians websites do not recommend visiting other areas other than those two places. “We still cannot recommend Slovenians to visit other parts in Egypt because of the current security situation”.

Miškova hopes the number of Egyptians visiting Slovenia will increase since the country, despite being small, has many things to offer.

A source at Zeetrips, who requested anonymity, previously told Daily News Egypt that over the summer of 2015, domestic tourism faced a notable decline while the demand on external tourism was very high.

Along with the decline of domestic tourism, some companies, such as Destination 31-Explore Earth Company, began promoting countries that are not popularly visited by Arabs, such as Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria. The company offers a package that includes a programme of 10 days in these three countries. The company also offers a winter package, which includes nine days for skiing and hiking in the Slovenian Julian Alps.

Omar Hossam, Operation Manager and Co-Founder of Destination 31-Explore Earth, told Daily News Egypt due to the high demand of the mentioned summer package, the package was activated for the fifth time this summer. As for the winter package, Hossam said this winter it will be repeated for the third time.

Source: Daily News Egypt

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