“Egyptians Abroad for Development” Delays Its Fundraiser

Egyptians Abroad for Development, a Chicago based organization focused on reform in Egypt, postpones its first annual fundraiser. An Educational pathway to Development is intended to help fund the ‘Educate the Young Educators’ project, but this event scheduled for May 25, will take place on a later date.

Indeed it is unfortunate that the event will have to take place at a later date, however the decision to postpone the event was a necessary decision for the EAD. The EAD had no choice but to postpone the fundraiser due to tax purposes. Not anticipating for tax documents to take this much time to be finalized, the EAD finds it crucial for the event to be postponed until further notice. However, the EAD promises supporters that the event will go on and ensures it will be better than originally planned. Any purchases of tickets regarding the event will be immediately refunded.