Egypt’s Army and People Residential Units Not Specified Till Now

Mai Abdel Hamid, Chairman of the Mortgage Finance Fund & MSGF Manager,said it did not specify a date for offering ‘the Army and People’ residential units yet, explaining that once the units of the Army Forces will be specified, the Mortgage Finance Fund will determine the conditions of providing units.

Abdel Hamid added that the Mortgage fund will be provided for all units whether for the civilians or armed forces,pointing out that the cooperation with the the company’s first mortgage finance ,Housing and Development Bank (HDB) and the Fund will be the officials of Mortgage Finance for all 15 May city units.

Eng. Nabil Abbas, First Deputy Chairman of New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA), said the Housing Ministry resorted to mortgage finance system to put these units so as not to be a body part of offering process according to Act No.89 of 1998.

Abbas has called all governorates in order to gather the citizens who make the best use of units, or state-supported land to be excluded from the reservation process, noting that the priority will be for youth average- age  from 28 to 35, and the citizens of the city.