Egypt’s Blom Bank Loans Inch to EGP3.7bn, Deposits EGP11.4bn in Sept

The total value of Blom Bank’s loans and Facilities inched to EGP3.710 billion at the end of September 2014 against EGP3.207 billion at 2013-end move up by EGP502.5 million growth rates, the financial statements of the bank revealed that the customers’ deposits surged to EGP11.409 billion in compared to EGP9.728 billion at the end of September move up by EGP1.68 billion growth rates.

The bank’s total value of assets increased to EGP13.370 billion at the end of September 2014 in compared to EGP11.628 billion at 2013, with EGP1.7 billion increase, Blom Bank’s balances at Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) registered EGP839.175 million during the same period from EGP636.652 million at 2013-end.