Egypt’s Civil Aviation Seeks to Create Attractive Atmosphere for Investments

Hossam Kamal, Minister of Civil Aviation,  the head of the Civil Aviation Authority  and heads of sectors met in the ministry to discuss the work plan for the upcoming period .

During the meeting, the minister presented the current government’s orientations ,tasks and priorities assigned by the ministry , represented in the speed and efficiency of the implementation of development programs , economic reform and new projects .

As well as creating an attractive environment for investment provide job vacancies for youths , as well as foreign relations with international institutions on the basis of equality ,mutual respect and uphold the interests of the country .

Kamal  listened to the leaders’ vision in different topics , stressing the importance of working in one system and convey the spirit of one team and the involvement of employees in setting goals, priorities , challenges and disclosure in order to achieve better future for the Egyptian civil aviation sector .

Many figures and pilots have attended the meeting at the level of commercial, financial , planning sectors.

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