Egypt’s Finance Offers T- Bonds worth EGP 2 bln Today

The Egyptian Ministry of Finance is issuing 3-, and 7-year treasury bonds worth EGP 2 billion in an auction on Monday. The ministry mentioned in its website that its 3-year T-bonds are worth EGP one billion; while the 7-year  T-bonds are also valued at EGP one billion.

The ministry also said it sold 91- and 273-day treasury bills each worth EGP 5.43 billion on Sunday.

Sales from treasury bills with 91- and 273- day totaled EGP 2.43 billion and EGP 3 billion, respectively.

The yields on 91-day T-bills ranged from 13.748% to 14.139 %, while the average return registered 13.963%. The yields on 273-day T-bills ranged from 14.500% to 14.841%, while the average return registered 14.669%.