Egypt’s food exports reach 275K tons in 1 week – NFSA

Egypt’s food exports surged to 275,000 tons in the week ending June 21st, encompassing a diverse range of over 600 varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables alongside processed food items.

Egypt exported around 65,000 tons of vegetables, on top of which was potatoes with 23,000 tons, followed by onions at 20,000 tons, and beans at 10,000 tons.

Citrus remained the top fruit export at 45,000 tons, while fresh grapes at 30,000 tons, and strawberries at 13,000 tons. In total, Egypt exported 90,000 tons of 56 different varieties of fruit.

Egypt’s top export destinations last week included Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Sudan, and England. Safaga port led in food exports with 960 shipments, followed by Damietta port with 843 and Alexandria with 825.

In total, 464,000 tons of food were exported to 850 companies from 78 countries, including wheat, raw sugar, and soybeans. Russia was the largest exporter to Egypt, followed by Ukraine, Brazil, Australia, and the United States.

Attribution: National Food Safety Authority statement

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