Egypt’s GASCO targets 2mn tonnes of natural gas derivatives this year

Egyptian Natural Gas Company (GASCO) plans to produce two million tonnes of gas derivatives from the Western Desert Gas Complex (WDGC) and Amerya Liquefied petroleum gas  (LPG) Recovery Plant within the current year.

The company’s target output includes 980,000 tonnes of ethane-propane mixture, 450,000 of LPG, 315,000 tonnes of propane, and 83,000 tonnes of condensates, according to the petroleum ministry’s statement, citing GASCO chairman.

The WDGC and Amerya LPG Recovery Plant produced 26.6 million tonnes of gas derivatives, along with providing the domestic market with 10 million tonnes of LPG, and securing 1.5 million tonnes of condensates Alexandria oil refineries, Yasser Salah added.

Salah further noted that the WDGC exported 5 million tonnes of propane to overseas markets and supported the Egyptian petrochemicals sector with 10 million tonnes of ethane-propane mixture.

GASCO is currently working on transferring gas output from Raven field to the WDGC and Amerya LPG Recovery Plant via 70-kilometre and 5-kilometre gas pipelines and two gas compressors.

The Egyptian gas firm plans to finish the gas pipelines and by the end of 2019, while it forecasts to complete the two gas compressors in the first quarter of 2022, with total investments of $145 million.

In 2018, the WDGC produced more than two million tonnes of gas derivatives, Egypt’s minister of petroleum Tarek El-Molla said.

This came on the sidelines of El-Molla’s visit to the WDGC and Amerya LPG Recovery Plant.

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