Egypt’s IDA offers 13 industrial complexes among national project in March

Egypt’s  Industrial Development Authority (IDA) will begin offering 13 completed industrial complexes among the national project by March 2019, according to sources.

the national project of complexes which is currently being implemented embracing 13 industrial complexes in with total cost of 9 billion Egyptian pounds. The costs of the project have been raised from 5.4 billion pounds due to executing more logistics works and service that will be considered as an added value.

The complexes will be completed in 12 govern-orates and will have 4,300 industrial unit. Ten out of the 13 will be allocated to Upper Egypt.  It will create 42,579 direct job opportunities.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has adopted an ambitious plan for opening 13 industrial complexes for small- and medium-sized industries by 2020, and the IDA offered a complex in El-Sadat City on area of 300,000 sqm, which includes 296 units divided by three industrial activities.

Ready industrial complexes complete the industrial zones’ works to accomplish integration between small and medium industries in ready complexes and large industries.