Egypt’s Local and Administrative Development Minister to Review Ministry’s Files

Adel Labib , Minister of Local and administrative Developments held on  Sunday morning minimized meeting with eng. Hany Mahmoud, the  former Minister of Administrative Development, which review the files relating to the ministry and show what has been done from the files related to the projects and programs carried out by the ministry.

Labib held meeting with the ministry’s leaders, where the situation has been reviewed on the implementation of projects and programs, and during the meeting the minister expressed his interest in development and management projects, stressing the importance of the projects for the citizen.

He added that the upcoming period will witness the completion of these projects to facilitate the provision of services provided to citizens through several ways that reflected on the citizen’s life.

He added that the projects of the Ministry of Administrative Development are very important to upgrade the level of services provided to citizens and are the backbone of those important phase in the life of the Egyptian citizen, as well as that of the current government strives to provide those services as soon as possible.