‘ISYS” Kuwait announces opening a new branch in Egypt – CEO

A cooperation agreement with e-Finance for e-payment of university fees through mobile phones We plan to provide more e-payment services. The Egyptian market remains the best, despite the political tensions.

a major mobile phone services providers, signed with the Egyptian national banks-owned financial institution operation technology Company, e-Finance, a joint cooperation agreement to provide e-payment services of government services through mobile phones through the project of “Public University Fees”.

The agreement stipulates that e-Finance would link the databases of university students with the branches of banks participating in the ISYS e-government payment services.

This comes in line with the opening of an office of ISYS in Egypt and the announcement of actual operation activities in the Egyptian market. The announcement was made at the margin of the Kuwaiti company participation in Cairo ICT 2013 through e-Finance booth.

Engineer Mohamed Al Rasheedy, Managing Director and CEO of ISYS Kuwait Group expressed his “happiness for the commencement of business and investment in the Egyptian market in the field of e-payment culminated in the cooperation with the largest financial institution operation technology provider in Egypt giving our clients the confidence in the seriousness of business particularly that it is the first Kuwaiti company in Egypt which is specialized in this field.

Engineer Mohamed Al Rasheedy assured that: “Opening an office in Egypt comes in line with the opening of the Company office in USA” while stressing confidence and continuity of new investment as well as the provision of more services to our clients are the bases of success of any company operating in the field of information technology and communication.

The Kuwaiti company has 12 offices around the world and in Kuwait, where the head office is located; Bahrain, Egypt, Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Palestine, Jordan, Nigeria, Libya and USA and this promises that the coming period will witness the opening other worldwide offices.” Engineer Mohamed Al Rasheedy said that: “The expansion of smart phones plays a key role in the growth of reliance on e-payment as the mobile phones equipped with internet services are now largely available in the region.

Moreover, the opening of Egypt’s branch comes within the regional expansion plan in the key Arab markets.” On the other side, Mr. Ahmed Abul Dahab, General Manager of Business Development Department in e-Finance, the Company in charge of the creation and management of the electronic payment and collection scheme for Ministry of Finance: “The Company policy now focuses on creating new channels suitable to the small government payments such as public university fees as a starting point after the success that electronic collection of custom duties and taxes through the link with 2300 bank branches has achieved so far in collaboration with the national transferor of the Egyptian banks.

” Mr. Ahmed Abul Dahab added that: “The Company has entered in an agreement with ISYS due to the technological advancement of the company and the provision of new electronic collection channels. Moreover, ISYS followed the rules of e-payment as it entered into an agreement with SAIB to become the settlement bank for all the government payment transactions conducted in its network as e-Finance deals with the Company as one of the government electronic channels of the Bank while such transactions are settled off against the Bank account with the Central Bank of Egypt as per the instructions of the Ministry of Finance and CBE”.

He added: “I would like to congratulate Engineer Mohamed Al Rasheedy from the brotherly country of Kuwait for his confidence in the Egyptian market and we pledge, to him and to other Arab brothers, that we will provide all the possible facilities to them to work in Egypt which is their second home country. We promise that, through our cooperation, we will provide more in the government and non-government payment services area in the near future.

” It is worthy to mention that ISYS started its business in 2005 as was recognized by the Kuwaiti Communication Group “Zain” as a key partner having provided valuable services for chatting and SMS services and other interactive services. In 2006, ISYS expanded its activity moving to other countries as started in Sudan with Mobitel providing “Taiba” SMS and support services to AFP French Agency in many fields including news shot messages. From 2007 – 2013, the Company activity extended to many countries where it opened offices in Bahrain, Egypt, Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Palestine, Jordan, Nigeria, Libya and USA.