13 alleged militants arrested in police raids in Beheira, Alexandria: Egyptian police

Police forces announced Sunday the arrest of 13 alleged militants on two separate farms in Beheira and Alexandria. The suspects reportedly possessed large amounts of weapons and explosives.

According to a statement from the ministry, the arrested men were members of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood. The statement added that the 13 men had orders to plant bombs in several cities and to attack Copts, security personnel and state institutions, in order to spread chaos.

The raids were executed with permission from the prosecution.

Eight of the arrested men live in the city of Basarta, which is known as a stronghold of supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. The city was surrounded and raided several times.

The ministry said that the farms included secret tunnels and hideouts. The Police found large amounts of ingredients and tools for making explosives as well as weapons.

The defendants will be interrogated by the State Security Prosecution.

After the deadly bombing that targeted churches in Egypt last week, security forces have been intensifying raids to capture alleged perpetrators.

Throughout the last three days, security presence has increased on the streets all over the county. Security forces guarded streets near churches, blocking cars, and checking pedestrians approaching churches.

Source: Daily news