Egypt’s Recent Inclement Weather Is First Of Its Kind In Almost 20 Years

The head of Egypt’s Meteorological Authority, Ahmed Hussein, said on Friday that the recent rainy weather patterns in Egypt had not been seen since 1994.

Egypt has witnessed heavy rain in some parts of the country and sandstorms in others.

According to Hussein what makes the weather conditions particularly unusual is their severity, as they have lasted for long periods of time and covered large areas of the country.

“The meteorological authority is gathering all satellite footage, data, and photos captured by citizens to electronically capture this rare occurrence and to further study it,” Hussein added.

Two different traffic accidents attributed to the rainy weather killed at 16 people last weekend, while the roof of Hurghada Airport on the Red Sea collapsed due to rainstorms.

Other parts of the country, including the Wadi Al-Gadid desert province, have been hit by severe floods.

Cairo has seen sandy winds as well as intermittent rain and thunderstorms.

Source : Ahram online